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Botox for Migraines in Centennial, CO

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What makes BOTOX a different type of treatment?

Unlike acute treatments, which are taken to treat a headache or migraine once it’s already begun, BOTOX prevents headaches and migraines before they even start. BOTOX® prevents on average 8 to 9 headache days and migraine/probable migraine days a month (vs 6 to 7 for placebo). And for people with Chronic Migraine—people who live with 15 or more headache days a month—that can make a big difference. BOTOX® is one of the many services we offer.

More than a Headache

3.2 million Americans* live with Chronic Migraine—a neurological condition that amounts to much more than just frequent headaches and migraines. 

People with Chronic Migraine have:

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