About Us

Since 1984 Clinix has been evolving with modern healthcare and fulfilling medical, chiropractic and integrative services to meet the needs of our community.  Innovation in health care delivery has consistently been the benchmark of our presence in Colorado.

Clinix is a unique healthcare center where family practice providers, chiropractors and restorative health providers work together, giving the patient complete care in one facility, 6 days a week.  While our Primary care doctors and chiropractors focus on your physical and mental well-being, we realize that additional help is sometimes needed beyond the exam room.  Our Behavioral Health Specialist provides mentoring to Clinix patients who need emotional support as well as connecting families with community resources.  The Care Coordination team assists patients during transitional times – hospital to home, specialist to specialist and long-term care.

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By focusing on prevention, lifestyle, and evidence-based medicine, we are proud to have proven protocols maximizing patient care with personally tailored treatment plans for our patient population. Our patients are encouraged to attain good health through the innovative and progressive approaches offered.  The Clinix family of 45 team members is proud to deliver compassionate and competent health care.

Our Story

It is with immense pride that I look back over the past 30 plus years. Much like a doting parent, I remember the conception of this organization, the growing pains, successful innovations, failed attempts, hard work, long hours and oftentimes 7-day work weeks.  But what I also remember is the joy and exhilaration of pioneering a new idea in healthcare with no remorse or regret for the initial investment of time, energy and continued stamina that was necessary. These are the experiments and experiences that elevated Clinix to the venerable organization that exists today!

The seed that was planted in 1984 has grown into a healthcare company that none of us could have initially foreseen.  Healthcare changed, the needs of our patients changed, and we attentively followed those leads, occasionally with trepidation, sometimes with detours.  However, we never strayed far from our original mission: To bring exceptional healthcare to our community.  

The successful integration of Behavioral Health and Care Coordination truly incorporates our integrated healthcare platform established at the inception of this company. Clinix is commemorating 35 years in healthcare with a fresh look and a new logo which we believe is commensurate and encompassing of the innovations achieved to date. Our promise is to grow and continue to meet our patients’ needs while adhering to our core values of integrity and exemplary healthcare and our unspoken motto, the patient comes first.

~Dr. C. Cortini, Founding Member

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