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Family Medicine in Centennial

Clinix medical providers are available six days a week to treat your illness, prescribe your medications or refer you to the appropriate specialist. More than likely, you will be able to be seen the same day you call! For a list of all the services we provide, click here.

What types of services do Clinix Medical Providers offer?

Most importantly, our medical providers strive to help you be the healthiest that you can be!

Insurance Participation

CLINIX medical providers are affiliated with most major companies.

Well-Child Exam & Sports Physicals

Back-to-School Season: School/Sports Physicals vs. Annual Well-Child Visits

It’s important to know that physicals are not the same as a comprehensive well-child preventive care visit. Get your child a thorough exam with a Clinix Well-Child Visit.

Well-Child Visit

  • Complete physical exam
  • Complete review of medical history
  • Review of cognitive development
  • Discussion about nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and health/safety risks
  • Immunizations review
  • Discussion about adolescent issues and risk factors, as applicable
  • School/sports physical form can be completed during this visit
  • Covered annually by most health plans

School/Sports Physical

  • Basic physical exam
  • Brief review of medical history
  • Includes completion of school/sports physical form
  • Often not covered by health plans

Call to schedule a complete well-child exam today! (303) 721-9984

Behavioral Health

Integrated Care at Clinix Healing Center

Clinix Healing Center is now fully integrated. This means in addition to paying attention to your physical health we also address your emotional health, habits, behaviors, and how those things interact with each other. This is accomplished by working as a Team with your Medical provider and our Behavioral Health Consultant.

The BHC can work with you by offering behavioral health interventions and teaching you new coping skills to address anxiety, depression, insomnia, improve eating habits, weight loss, grief, life transitions such as retirement, career change, move, divorce, empty nest syndrome, to name a few. If you are looking for a long-term therapist make an appointment with our Behavioral Health Consultant and she will assist in individualizing who to connect you with by what you are seeking from therapy by issues, insurance, location, etc.

Emotional Support Dogs – The Behavioral Health Consultant does not write letters for this request

Professional Therapy Dogs of Colorado
499 N. Vaughn St
Aurora, CO 80011

Animal Assisted Counseling of Colorado
Carri King-Bussard, MA, LPC
2121 S. Blackhawk St Suite 210
Aurora, CO 80014

What is Behavioral Health?

Going to see a counselor never means there is something wrong with you. People need to keep this in mind when considering counseling. There are times when you need to talk to someone who has a neutral viewpoint and who is not closely related to the situation. This type of professional relationship will be healthy and beneficial for your growth and healing. 

What are the benefits of Behavioral Health?

You will benefit from Behavioral Health Counseling when:

Conditions and problems that may benefit from Behavioral Health Counseling include but are not limited to the following: