Happy Holidays from Clinix!

I hope everyone is able to stay in a grateful mindset as we are now in the midst of all the other December Holidays.  The holidays can be a special and enjoyable time of year for many but it can also cause increased stress for some, according to the American Psychological Association. I wanted to remind everyone to take special care during this busy season.

BREATHE – Take deep, centering breaths throughout the day. They help relax your body and mind.

WE LIVE IN COLORADO! – Go for a hike.

GO TO BED EARLY – make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep.

LET YOURSELF CRY –if you need to – holding back tears tends to make people feel worse instead of better.

LAUGH IT UP – Humor is great for stress reduction. Do something that makes you laugh: watch a funny movie, try singing and dancing to fun music, see a comedy show.

TAKE A HOLISTIC HEALTH APPROACH – Self- care means paying attention to more than how much you eat or exercise. It also requires paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, expectations, and interactions. Remember, optimal health means functioning at your best in all areas of your life not just in your body.

KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES – Just say “no” if someone is asking you to do something that feels like too much. There is a misconception that all self-care feels good. Sometimes “self-care” is doing the hard things.

LISTEN TO UPLIFTING OR CALMING MUSIC – Make a playlist of your favorite songs, and know you can tune in to it whenever things get rough.


UNPLUG – Switch off from the internet for a full day.

CREATE NEW, SELF-SUPPORTIVE TRADITIONS – If trying to do things “the way they were always done” creates more stress than joy, take a step back and figure out a new approach. Maybe your new idea will become the next family/friend tradition.

Hope your Holidays are Healthy, Happy, and Merry! Here’s to a Fabulous New DECADE

Jane Moore, LCSW
Behavioral Health Consultant
Clinix Center for Health