4 Ways Sunscreen Protects You

Get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather, but don’t forget the sunscreen!

Memorial Day and summer are just around the corner. While skin cancer and sun exposure are year-round concerns here in Colorado, the summer season means more exposed skin and more time outside and therefore, more risk of developing skin cancer. Luckily, sunscreen is an easy way to protect yourself.

Enjoy the outdoors but stay protected!

The ABC’s of Melanoma

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer but if caught early, the 5 year survival rate is 99%. The focus is on catching melanoma early and we’re here to help.

The ABC’s of Melanoma are an easy way to remember what characteristics need further attention by a healthcare provider.

A – Asymmetry: If it has an irregular shape and not a round circle, get it checked.

B – Border: If the borders are more like a wavy blob than a smooth ball, get it checked.

C – Color: If it’s not a uniform color and is partly black, blue, brown or another mixture of colors, get it checked

D – Diameter: If it’s larger than ¼ inch (6mm) or a pencil eraser, get it checked.

E – Evolving or Elevation: If it’s changing in any way: shape, size, elevation, texture, get it checked.

While these guidelines are helpful, they are not absolute and unfortunately, some cases of melanoma do not follow these “rules” which is why a regular skin exam, at least yearly, is strongly recommended. For any new or strange looking skin lesion, whether in an exposed spot or not, get it checked.

Call today for your skin check. Don’t Guess, Get Checked!