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Paul Raford, MD, MPH

Paul Raford, MD, MPH | Clinix Center for Health

My Story...

I grew up living in Virginia, Oklahoma, and Mexico, and although I was overall quite healthy, I did experience a series of medical issues, several that had me hospitalized or disabled for periods of months. As any patient with those kinds of experiences knows, this can change a person’s perspective. It did mine.  The quality of care was excellent, but I felt they never listened to me, explained what was going on, or discussed my treatment options with me or my parents.

Thankfully, the world of medicine has changed tremendously since then. But those early experiences made me aware that “good medicine” is far more than knowing what tests to order or remedies to prescribe.  Although I don’t think these experiences “made” me want to be a physician, once I did decide to pursue a career in healthcare, they certainly helped mold my philosophy and style of practice.

Today, my passion in clinical practice is sharing my knowledge and positivity to educate and empower patients to make the most of their life and health. I am honored to have the opportunity to help those I serve make the choices that fit their lifestyles and beliefs.

Core to my philosophy of patient care is engagement, communicating the risks and benefits of each health or treatment choice, setting mutual goals, and composing together a plan that is flexible, updated as ongoing monitoring may indicate.  

A second principle vital to support my practice philosophy is patient education.   Whether it is communicating in detail about possible implications of test results, “translating” specialist evaluations into common English, or discussing the benefits and risks of medical or alternate approaches, the most important path to healing and good outcomes is making sure my patients understand what is going on. That is one of the most important parts of my job.

A third principle core of my practice style is integrating treatment options from many styles and methods of healing. I am firmly committed to evidence-based medicine, but acknowledge the many benefits of “alternative” medicine.  I welcome and will often recommend alternate approaches if the patient is so inclined. “Integration” in that sense will incorporate traditional medical measures including medications if other “alternative” measures prove less successful than needed.

Regardless of the approach, the goals remain the same; mutual agreement on the desired outcomes, monitoring for positive success, and if warranted, adjusting the treatment plan to maintain optimal health and function. 

If you share my philosophies, please visit me at Clinix Center for Health.